The Importance of Gay Pride, Especially for Families

In today’s more progressive culture, it may seem that Gay Pride has come a long way. It certainly has, especially since it’s been 50 years since the Stonewall Riots in NYC. The wide LGBTQ+ spectrum means that people are more aware of diversity than ever before. However, it’s still incredibly important to recognize the challenges facing the world when it comes to this area. Gay families with young children especially should be aware of how they frame the discussions in their homes. Why exactly is it important to support gay positivity and the LGBTQ community? These are a few of the reasons to consider.

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Marginalization of LGBTQ Community Continues

The LGBTQ community is both strong and supportive. However, they often feel and are marginalized by the world at large. In some countries it is still illegal to be gay. When it comes to healthcare, especially, this community faces stigma, bias, or a lack of care altogether. When your family feels personally attacked because of your pride status, then it may be tempting to back down and hide who you are. However, consider what example you’re leading for your children and others as well. It’s important to be both firm in your message as well as kind moving forward to make your voice heard and continue to be a part of the conversation.

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Celebrating Inclusivity

Gay Pride and Families

It’s a well-known fact that diverse organizations thrive and communities do as well. Having only one type of family or person living in a certain area doesn’t create areas for growth. While you may feel as though you and your family are the “odd man out,” you’re actually creating a different perspective. This doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be appreciated for your point of view but recognize that it does have value.

You should also note that the Gay Pride movement in general is an inclusive group and they celebrate diversity. Communities at large can note how they work and copy their example.

Gaining Empathy

Empathy is an important skill to teach children and what better place to learn this than the home? It may be tough for your kids when they start attending school if they talk about having two moms or two dads. Teaching your kids how to explain your family is a good way to start building empathy. It’s also a wonderful gateway to open up other discussions about all types of families such as single parent home, foster homes, different religious beliefs, immigration status, etc. Kids can learn to empathize with people from all different backgrounds.

Having these discussions in the home also encourages kids to bring up any areas where they may be confused or have questions. You always want the home to be a place where people can speak freely especially when they’re confused or upset. Making the home a safe place to have these
discussions will benefit the family in a huge number of ways.  Teaching them that it is okay to have Gay Pride in and out the house will only boost their self-confidence and help strengthen their identity and place in the world.

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Learning to Respect Boundaries

This is an area where most of us struggle. From appropriate boundaries at home to boundaries with friends and in the workplace, most adults realize that they haven’t been adequately trained in this area. It’s never too late to learn about healthy boundaries and how to set them but it’s also a good idea to start learning this skill early in life. It may surprise people to learn that the LGBTQ community is actually one of the trailblazers in this area. They’ve learned through hard work and experience what it means to have
boundaries broken.

Gay pride doesn’t just mean being accepting of who you are but also respecting yourself and not letting yourself be marginalized. The skills that LGTBQ community demonstrates are a great example of how families can also learn and teach others about appropriate boundaries. It’s a sad but true fact that boundaries are often only learned after they’ve been broken. Taking preventative steps is easier when you have a healthy guide.

Having a Place to Belong

Safe LGBTQ Home

Finally, one of the most important things that gay pride can teach individuals and families is that there is a joy in living freely and openly. The history of this community hasn’t always been easy and there’s still a great deal of work to be done. However, the celebrations around Pride month are a simple demonstration of the struggle and the rewards that are being enjoyed. We can all learn something from this population and how they’ve faced adversity. These are just a few simple reasons why it’s important to recognize the LGBTQ community and why it’s important for families to celebrate them as well.

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