The Gay Word

LGBTQ Gender Identity

What Are All These Other “Sexualities” About?

Often cisgender (straight people) become confused by all the terms used to describe gender identity and different types of sexuality. Although most are familiar with what the letters in the LGBTQ acronym represent within the gay community, people remain stumped when it comes to figuring out what the little “+” defines. The information provided below is not meant to be a vocabulary lesson, but rather an aid in helping others to understand the gender fluidity that exists in today’s society and to help others understand that gender identity and sexual identity have little or nothing to do with acceptance.

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conversion therapy gay coming out

Why We Celebrate Coming Out

Surviving conversion therapy & coming out as gay is hard. It takes time, bravery & strength. But we do & we celebrate & honor the LGBTQ community!

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Gay Pride Parade

5 Interesting Facts About Gay Pride

Members of the LGBT community are still fighting for equality today. Gay pride celebrations are now week long festivities that allow members of the LGBT community and their supporters to be out and stay out and show their pride for being the human being that they are. Here are some facts you may or may not know about the history of how gay pride evolved in the United States.

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Importance of Gay Pride

The Importance of Gay Pride, Especially for Families

One of the most important things that Gay pride can teach individuals and families is that there is a joy in living freely. The history of this community hasn’t always been easy and there’s still a great deal of work to be done. However, the celebrations around Pride month are a simple demonstration of the struggle and the rewards that are being enjoyed.

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